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World-class Epc Solutions For Solar Power Plants

We offer total turnkey solutions from pre-feasibility studies and financial viability calculations to plant design, procurement, erection, commissioning, and maintenance of the power plants of capacities ranging from 1 kW to 6 mw.

Currently, Anushri intends to focus on implementing captive solar power plants for commercial (including hospitals, malls and private colleges) and industrial establishments in South India.

Industrial/Commercial rooftops
We have Several implementation of a number of smaller-scale to medium-scale rooftop projects and currently have a world class expertise in designing and implementing efficient rooftop systems.

Small-medium ground-mounted
Further, we have hands-on experience in building high-performing 1-6 MW ground-mounted solar PV plants.

RESCO model
We offer RESCO financing for industries and commercial entities, wherein the client has no upfront investment and signs a PPA for the purchase of solar power from the developer/investor who finances the plant.

Operation And Maintenance

Our comprehensive services cover the entire range of O&M activities which include continuous monitoring of operating conditions of all relevant components of the PV system as well as fundamental activities such as cleaning of panel etc. We proactively identify potential problems to maximize plant output by leveraging our advanced data analytics and alerts management capabilities.

We have come up with processes, reports that greatly aid in minutely tracking and understanding the performance of all the equipment at the plant and take immediate corrective actions to maximize the energy production.

Key activities to maximize output

  • Preventive maintenance activities
  • Ad-hoc corrective maintenance activities
  • Spare parts inventory management
  • Warranty and vendor management
  • Reporting and advanced analysis to track and improve the performance of the plant