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Battery Charger

Battery Charger

Battery Charger

The Anushri Battery Charger is designed to supply required DC Voltage and Current to the connected load and recharge the Battery on boost charging over it maintains the battery in float mode.

The Battery Charger Provide regulated DC output form 1 Phase or 3Phase AC Source with ±10% variation in the input and perform satisfactorily under various load condition. The charger select automatically float and boost mode charging when discharged battery is connected.

The Battery Charger ensures complete isolation from power supply by transformer and circuit design with high end micro controller and state of control scheme.

Anushri Battery charger is suitable lead Acid Battery VRLA, Non VRLA and Ni-Cd Battery.

Salient Features

  • Micro controller based design and sophisticated control scheme ensure voltage and current regulation throughout range
  • Input Current limit by soft start when charger is ON
  • LC Filter of adequate rating to limit required level of ripple
  • Short circuit and over load protected
  • Automatic float/Boost changeover depends on charger status
  • Auto phase reversal is built in when supply phase is reversed
  • Over voltage cutoff ensures load and battery banks are safe and secure
  • Sophisticated panel manufacturing with 7 tank painting process.

ICD Battery Charger Schemes Available

1. Float cum Boost as combined

It is a combination of float cum boost charger, normally it works in float mode and on mains failure battery starts supplying load current on restoration of mains depending on battery status it will switch over to boost mode for charging battery or remain in float mode.
The load will see raised voltage in boost mode and load needs to withstand , otherwise ICD provides optionally voltage dropping module (VDM) to maintain load voltage with in limit.

2. Float Charger and Boost Charger as separate

This scheme consists of separate float charger and boost charger having transformer, controller, rectifier, filters. Float charger is designed to separately load and battery float mode requirement of current and voltage.

Float cum boost charger without VDM

Float cum boost charger with VDM

Boost Charger is designed to supply battery charging requirement in boost mode - constant current charging.

Normally float charger will be in ON supplies load requirement, battery will be in trickle charging and boost charger in OFF mode. The float charger and boost charger are isolated by contractor and in float mode boost charger to and contractor also will be OFF.

When battery sees boost charging is supplied float charger is isolated and boost charger will be ON, contractor ON for charging the battery In case of float charger failed, battery will be cut off from boost charger and battery will be connected to load.

In this scheme load will see only maximum float voltage or battery terminal voltage

3. Redundant float cum boost charger

This scheme consists of two sets of float cum boost charger of individual current rating .Both the charger are designed to supply load and charging requirement . Auto/ Manual mode of selection of FCBC1 and FCBC2 is available .In manual mode FCBC1 will be in float to meet load requirement and FCBC2 will be in battery charging mode or vice versa . The charger is designed to changeover one FCBC to another FCBC in case of failure of FCBC automatically. The good FCBC will be meets load once charging requirement

4. Float charger and float cum boost charger

In this scheme it has one float charger and float cum boost charger. Float charger is designed to meet load and battery trickle charging current requirement and FCBC will be in cut off.

When battery needs charging, FC is disconnected from battery and load supply is maintained by FC. FCBC will be charging the battery in boost mode if needed.

FCBC will be in float mode to supply load and battery in trickle mode. Interlocking is available among charger for safely and protection against short circuit on mains failure battery is completed to load with a contactor and maintain load supply.

Float and boost charger

Dual Float cum boost charger

Float and Float cum boost charger