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“Anushri” Make Battery charger Panel having FCBC / FC-FCBC / FCBC-FCBC to charger 110V/220V of 100/200/300/400/500/600AH Batteries with output 110V/220V with a Max Charging current as per customer requirement. Input 230V 1P / 415V 3P 50Hz with Technical features & specifications as mentioned below :

Technical Features:
  • Charger will have FCBC / FC-FCBC / FCBC-FCBC.
  • Single heat sink used and devices are directly mounted rigidly such that heat can transferred by conduction, convention and radiation.
  • All Components are liberally designed such that all components function with in limits even at advance condition.
  • Heat Sinks are designed for natural cooling however to give long life a cooling fan is given.
  • Fuse failure relay is given to monitor the semiconductor fuses.
  • RC Snubber is connected across the power semiconductor to protect against voltage surges.
  • High Reactance transformer to protect against current surges.
  • Semiconductor fuses are provided against short circuits.
  • Input AC Voltmeter and Output DC Voltmeter and Ammeter are given to read input and output parameters.
  • A Battery Protection relay is given to protect against AC Under/ Over Voltage, DC Under/ over voltage, DC over Current and Battery Earth fault.
  • Provision is given to charge the Battery in Auto or in Manual mode. In Auto mode depending on Battery Voltage the charge will Charge the battery in Boost
    or Float or Trickle Mode. In Manual mode the boost or Float Can be selected.
  • All indication Lamps are LED type to give long life.
  • If One Charger failed then automatically second charger will be switched ON and Annunciation also given.

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